1 Pair Baby & Toddler Merino Wool Socks (3 Sizes)


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Cotton Candy - 1 Pair Toddlers Merino Wool Socks

For your Children who love fun and colourful socks, you'll find the perfect pair to match their personality. These superbly crafted Toddlers Merino Wool Socks by Steven are a great addition for your little ones feet.

This pair of socks will make the child smile all day long. These are made from the best quality Merino Wool fibres which are not only super soft and very comfortable but they’re designed to keep feet warm with their natural thermal properties. This is ideal for your kids to ensure less irritation and more comfort.

These socks come in 12 different colours which include: Black, Navy, Pink, Red, Blue, Cream, Yellow, Dark Grey, Beige, Hot Pink, Light Grey and Burgundy. They can be worn with or without shoes, no matter what you choose, your kids will look and feel great in these socks!

These socks are made from: 72.5% Merino Wool, 23% Polyamide, 4% Elastane, 0.5% Polypropylene, come in 12 different colours and are available in 3 Sizes: 6-12 Months, 1-2 Years, 2-3 Years They are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Cotton Candy Kids Socks
1 Pair Per Pack
Soft Merino Wool Fibres
Soft & Comfortable
12 Different Colours
Cute & Adorable Patterns
Made For Boys & Girls
3 Size Options: 6-12 Months, 1-2, 2-3 Years
Machine Washable

Additional information


6-12 Months, 1-2 Years, 2-3 Years


Beige, Black, Blue, Candy Pink, Charcoal, Cream, Dark Red, Light Grey, Navy, Pink, Red, Yellow

Main Colour

Beige, Black, Blue, Cream, Grey, Navy, Pink, Red, Yellow


Solid Colour

Material Type

Merino Wool



Sock Length


SKU MB012130T
SKU MC012130W
SKU MD012130Z
SKU MB011130T
SKU MC011130W
SKU MD011130Z
SKU MB010130T
SKU MC010130W
SKU MD010130Z
SKU MB009130T
SKU MC009130W
SKU MD009130Z
SKU MB008130T
SKU MC008130W
SKU MD008130Z
SKU MB007130T
SKU MC007130W
SKU MD007130Z
SKU MB006130T
SKU MC006130W
SKU MD006130Z
SKU MB005130T
SKU MC005130W
SKU MD005130Z
SKU MB004130T
SKU MC004130W
SKU MD004130Z
SKU MB003130T
SKU MC003130W
SKU MD003130Z
SKU MB002130T
SKU MC002130W
SKU MD002130Z
SKU MB001130T
SKU MC001130W
SKU MD001130Z



Steven Socks: Experience excellent comfort and lasting quality. These socks are thoughtfully designed to provide the perfect blend of style, fit, and durability. Walk confidently with Steven Socks. Designed & manufactured in Poland.

1 review for 1 Pair Baby & Toddler Merino Wool Socks (3 Sizes)

  1. Gillian Middlehurst

    Bought as a present for my Grandson. So, he has not be given them nor worn them yet. Nor have they been washed. But from my initial observation, they look good quality at a good price.

    Nanna, Derby (East Midlands)

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