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In 2011, Sock Snob emerged onto the online scene presenting our collection of socks directly to our customers. Lindsay, our Founder, comes from a family with a long line of Leicestershire manufacturers & importers dedicated to the sock industry since the 1800s. She wanted to offer quality socks that the family designed & created at affordable prices. Lindsay recognized the popularity of ecommerce meant that the family could showcase their collection of socks to their customers’ directly, leading her to establish the Sock Snob website.

Setting up shop in the spare room of the Doughty family home, Lindsay equipped herself with a PC and a packing station, envisioning a venture that would offer exceptional socks at affordable prices, a concept that inspired the birth of the name Sock Snob.

Driven by her vision for Sock Snob, Lindsay delved into designing her own socks, supplementing the collection with brands that exemplified remarkable quality and value for her valued customers. The message behind Sock Snob resonated with people, propelling its popularity to new heights. The company’s success is evident as it now dispatches over one million parcels of socks each year.


Since then, Sock Snob has added over 10,000 different variants of socks to their website. All with the aim to quality socks at great prices for everyone & anyone. No matter your lifestyle, we work to make sure we have socks that equip you perfectly.

Our Sock Snob range aims to provide a quality selection of staple products from various fibers for different purposes. The brands we invite to sell on our website are there to enhance our customers’ choice whilst maintaining our Sock Snob ethos. We stock over 50 different brands, each providing their own unique contribution to the world of socks.

This is all stored in our 25,000 sq ft warehouse unit just outside of Leicester, shipping parcels not just to the UK but to all corners of the globe including the USA, Europe & even Australia. We have even set up shipping locations in these areas to provide a better delivery service for our sock fans overseas.

You can also find our socks through our retail partners in the UK, USA & Germany, all with different visions. We provide socks to supplement their retail visions & to give our customers even more choice of how to shop our socks.

The Sock Snob Team

Connor Doughty

Connor Doughty

Managing Director
Lindsay Doughty

Lindsay Doughty

Founder & Director

What we do

Our team of Sock Snobs are tasked with helping you, our customer, to
find the perfect set of socks that align with their lifestyle.

Whether that is through our marketing efforts, brand partnerships, internal designing or logistics, we are all working to the same goal to fulfill the Sock Snob vision.

Our team is forever growing, currently we have a team of 25 Sock Snob’s all playing their own important role.

Our Website Vision:

With the amount of socks styles growing month by month at Sock Snob, we wanted to ensure we created a site that made finding the perfect socks for our customers as smooth as possible.

All aspects of our website have been designed with this in mind. Our enhanced search, mega menu & relevant product recommendations aim to make your sock shopping experience as tailored to you as possible.

By signing up to our newsletter relevant product offerings & sock tips will be sent to you only if we feel it will bring value to your sock shopping experience.



We continue to onboard new sock partners & create new categories based on our customers needs. Please get in touch if there are any product categories you would recommend.

Additionally, if you need any help quickly you can contact us o n our brand new instant chat feature. We hope you enjoy shopping on Sock Snob as much as we enjoy creating it.