Ladies Princess Leia Novelty Lightweight Thermal Socks


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HEAT HOLDERS - Ladies Star Wars Princess Leia Thermal Socks

The Force is strong with these socks, and they've got the power to keep your feet warm during the coldest days of winter. These Star Wars Heat Holders are perfect for any Rebel Leader and they're built to last!

These socks are soft and thick, with a Heatweaver lining that helps them retain heat and keep feet warm all day long. They come with the iconic Rebel Leader: Princess Leia with the phrase “Rebel Leader” on each sock.

Heat Holders Loops produce a unique pile of cushioning which holds in even more warm air, these extreme socks have an expert brushing process, causing the inside to be not only sensationally soft, but also helps to maximise the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all day comfort.

As well as this, they’re Thick, chunky with a massive tog rating of 2.34, they are over 7X warmer than the basic cotton sock (0.33 tog)! This is as they have been made from a specially developed thermal yarn, which works to provide high performance insulation against the cold.

These socks come in 1 pair per pack with Star Wars character Princess Leia and are made from: 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane. They are available in One Size: 4-8 UK (37-42 EUR, 5-9 US) and are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Ladies Heat Holders Star Wars Socks
Licensed Star Wars Characters
Iconic Character: Princess Leia
Thick & Warm
Heatweaver Lining
Heat Holders Yarn
2.34 Tog Rating
Soft & Comfortable
One Size: 4-8 UK (37-42 EUR, 5-9 US)
Machine Washable

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4-8 UK


Princess Leia

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Heat Holders

Heat Holders is the ultimate thermal clothing brand offering a wide variety of products created with the same underlying belief that warmth comes first. Their range has been specially designed to keep you comfy and cosy all year round! Their specially developed advanced fibres provide high performance and superior moisture wicking abilities. An intense brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held inside the sock for all-day warmth and comfort. They have applied this process to their whole range, replicating their innovative insulation process to hats, gloves, neck warmers, thermal underwear and even cosy blankets. If you are looking for the thermal brand that will keep you warm even when the temperatures drop below 0, then Heat Holders is the perfect brand to get started with.


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