Jersey Striped Gown for Ladies

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Jersey Stripe Gown for Women with Printed Back

Hop out of the shower in this warm, comfy, and snug Jersey Striped Gown for women. With it's unique feel of cosiness, you'll want to lounge around all day in this striped patterned robe. This popular soft gown features a matching patterned adjustable waist tie with loops attached to the gown which you can tighten or loosen, depending on the level of comfort you wish to experience.

This lightweight robe has two side pockets, allowing you to comfortably place your hands inside for extra warmth. The striped patterned adds a stylish touch to the overall gown for women. Available in different colours, this gown comes in black, blue, and red striped patterns, allowing you to choose your favourite colour!

This gown is made from 100% soft jersey cotton which is a single-knit cotton fabric that's known for its stretch and softness. The main benefits of jersey knit fabric are versatility, wrinkle resistance, durability, and elasticity. Jersey cotton is also very stretchy and allows a lightweight feel to the overall robe.

This gown can be the ideal gift for any woman in your life. Whether you're looking to treat yourself, or a loved one, this comfortable and luxurious gown features a striped pattern all around the gown, including the pockets and adjustable waist tie. Relax around the home in this stylish and homely gown. Wrap it around yourself for a warm and snug feeling whether you're lounging or working from home! This gown is available in sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22 UK. This gown is made from 100% Jersey Cotton.

Extra Product Details

- Jersey Striped Gown for Ladies
- Womens Robe
- Bathroom Bedroom Gown
- 100% Jersey Cotton
- Soft and Warm
- Comfortable Feel
- Adjustable Waist Tie
- Black, Blue, Red Striped Pattern
- Sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22 UK

Additional information


16-18 UK, 20-22 UK, 8-10 UK, 12-14 UK


Blue, Grey, Red

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