1 Pack Adults & Kids Knee High Fun Patterned Hockey Socks – Lightning Bolts


Long Patterned Hockey Sport Socks By Hingly

Looking for a bright, funky pair of hockey socks? Then why not pick up a pair of these good quality hockey socks with great patterns? Ideal for anyone who loves a good game of hockey but wants to stand out!

They have a good elastic waistband top, so that the socks won’t fall down. In addition, they are designed in such a way that they are extremely suitable for wearing with shin guards.

The foot of the sock is made of polycolon: a fabric that wicks away moisture from the skin to reduce sweat and make them more comfortable, especially during a match. This fabric is also great at retaining heat which is ideal for this kind of sport.

Not only are these socks a great hockey sock but these cheerful socks from Hingly come in many designs and patterns like: Hearts, Stars, Flamingos, Palm Trees, Pineapples and more! These socks are therefore perfect for your training sessions and stand out because of the bright colours.

At Hingly you will find socks with different, colorful prints! This way you always have cheerful socks on your feet during your hockey training. Or steal the show with your team during a tournament! The Hingly Hockey Socks are designed for and by hockey players.

These socks are an extra long length and come in 11 Patterns, come in 4 sizes which measure at: 9-12in, 12-3in, 4-6in & 7-11in and are machine washable.

Extra Product Details

Long Hockey Sport Socks.
Below Knee Long Length.
Moisture Wicking Abilities.
11 Patterns Available.
Soft & Comfortable.
Can Be Worn WIth Shin Guards.
Polycolon Fabric.
Retains Heat.
Elasticated Waistband Top.
4 Size Measurements.
Hingly Branded Socks.
Machine Washable.

Additional information


12-3 UK, 4-6 UK, 7-11 UK, 9-12 UK


Blue / Yellow Bolts

Main Colour




Material Type




Sock Length

Knee High

Sock Thickness


Sock Size

12-3 UK, 4-6 UK, 6-11 UK, 9-12 UK

Packaging Type


SKU 1OE008-28-30
SKU 1OE008-31-35
SKU 1OE008-36-40
SKU 1OE008-41-44



Hingly is the specialist in fun hockey socks, football socks and casual socks. Their socks are manufactured in the Netherlands and are specially designed to perform optimally. The cheerful prints ensure a party at your feet!


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