1 Pack Kids Merino Wool Tights for Winter


Cotton Candy - 1 Pair Childrens Merino Wool Tights

We're all about making life easier for parents. With these adorable Kids Merino Wool Tights from Cotton Candy will keep your precious little one warm and cosy, no matter what the weather.

These are made from the best quality Merino Wool fibres which are not only super soft and very comfortable but they’re designed to keep them warm with their natural thermal properties. This is ideal for your kids to ensure less irritation and more comfort.

These socks come in 6 different colours which include: Black, Grey, Pink, Burgundy, Blue & Navy. They can be worn with or without shoes & with it’s natural thermoregulation properties can be worn all year round as it keeps the body at the right temperature depending on the ambient temperature.

Merino Wool absorbs moisture well which helps with overall comfort and softness, in addition: the wool fibre is extremely thin, delicate and pleasant to the touch. There are plenty of colours for Boys and Girls and are available in 5 sizes, so not only is there plenty of choice for patterns, there’s size options as well.

These socks are made from: 73.5% Merino Wool, 24% Polyamide, 2% Elastane, 0.5% Polypropylene, come in 6 different colours and are available in 5 Sizes: 3-9 Months, 9-18 Months, 2-3 Years, 3-4 Years & 4-6 Years. They are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Cotton Candy Kids Tights
1 Pair Per Pack
Merino Wool Fibres
Soft & Thin Touch Material
6 Different Colours
Moisture Absorbing
Natural Thermoregulation
Made For Boys & Girls
5 Size Options: 3-9, 9-18 Months, 2-3, 3-4 & 4-6 Years
Machine Washable

Additional information


3-9 Months, 9-18 Months, 2-3 Years, 3-4 Years, 4-6 Years


Black, Burgundy, Light Grey, Navy, Pink, Royal Blue

Main Colour

Black, Blue, Grey, Navy, Pink, Red


Solid Colour

Material Type

Merino Wool



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SKU TW003130L
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SKU TR004130I
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SKU TO004130K
SKU TW004130L
SKU TP005130H
SKU TR005130I
SKU TZ005130J
SKU TO005130K
SKU TW005130L
SKU TP006130H
SKU TR006130I
SKU TZ006130J
SKU TO006130K
SKU TW006130L



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