1 Pack Merino Wool Ankle Trail Sport Running Socks


Comodo - Performance Merino wool short socks

Comodo has been providing high-quality socks for men and women since 1996. They sell a range of socks for hiking, cycling, hunting, skiing, and other outdoor events. These Performance Socks made from Merino Wool are designed for exercise during the colder months.

Merino wool fibres make these socks soft and comfortable to wear, while their ability to regulate temperature means that your feet will stay cool when you need them to be (and warm when you want them to be). The natural odour resistant properties make these socks ideal for wearing for a sweaty workout.

Wool is naturally breathable, so they'll keep your feet cool and dry during even the most intense workouts. They also provide durability so they’ll last a very long time when using them constantly for running, jogging or other types of exercise.

These low cut ankle socks are available in six different colours: Black, Granite, Grey, Blue, Fuchsia & Lilac. They also feature an upper mesh layer for further ventilation. These socks are also a low cut ankle style which is ideal for your trainers.

These socks are short ankle length and are made from: 40% Merino wool, 40% acrylic, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane. They are available in 3 sizes: 2.5-5 UK, 6-8.5 UK, 9-12 UK and are fully Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Comodo Performance Short Socks
Merino Wool Fibres
Made For Running
Ideal For Other Forms Of Exercise
1 Pair Per Pack
Upper Mesh Layer
Low Cut Ankle Socks
6 Colour Options
3 Sizes: 2.5-5 UK, 6-8.5 UK & 9-12 UK
Machine Washable

Additional information


3-5 UK, 6-8 UK, 9-11 UK


Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Fuchsia, Grey, Lilac

Main Colour

Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple


Solid Colour

Material Type

Merino Wool



Sock Length

Low Cut

SKU RUN10-01-35-38
SKU RUN10-01-39-42
SKU RUN10-01-43-46
SKU RUN10-02-35-38
SKU RUN10-02-39-42
SKU RUN10-02-43-46
SKU RUN10-03-35-38
SKU RUN10-03-39-42
SKU RUN10-03-43-46
SKU RUN10-04-35-38
SKU RUN10-04-39-42
SKU RUN10-04-43-46
SKU RUN10-05-35-38
SKU RUN10-05-39-42
SKU RUN10-05-43-46
SKU RUN10-06-35-38
SKU RUN10-06-39-42
SKU RUN10-06-43-46



Step into a world of comfort with our selection Comodo brand socks. Made with quality materials, our selection offers socks for hiking, cycling, hunting and other outdoor related events. Elevate your sock game today.


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