1 Pack Ladies Trail Lightweight T2 Merino Wool 3/4 Sport Socks


Bridgedale - Women’s Lightweight Merino Wool Sport Socks

Women's specific fit sock for serious runners who like to explore the world's trails at a faster pace. The Trail Run Lightweight Merino Sport Sock has T2 targeted micro cushioning combined with ventilation for the perfect balance of protection and comfort on the toughest terrain.

Merino Sport Fusion Technology provides resilient padding, moisture wicking, odour control and outstanding durability on the trails. The Sport Fit gives supportive compression for stability and balance around the ankle and mid foot and the zero debris cuff gives an extended close fit to prevent debris getting in and this means your sock won’t slip down or bunch in your footwear.

The natural toe box is wide and unrestrictive, allowing your toes to splay when running and the reinforced seam prevents splits and blow outs when descending. Built on a structure of Lycra® and set by our Thermofit process ensuring the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash.

These 3/4 length crew socks deliver fantastic comfort for running whether on or off the trails, with anti shock cushioning, toe guards and improved fit to ensure these are the best sock for all types of exercise.

These socks are made from 62% Nylon / Polyamide, 18% Merino Wool, 18% Polypropylene, 1% Lycra® / Elastane and come in 3 different colours: Teal, Damson Pink & Charcoal/Purple. They come in 3 sizes: Small (3-4.5 UK), Medium (5-6.5 UK), Large (7-8.5 UK) and are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Bridgedale Ladies Sport Socks
Merino Wool Fibres
Overfoot Ventilation
Flat Toe Seams
Great For Running
¾ Crew Length
Moisture Wicking
3 Colour Options
Advanced Padding System
Natural Toe Spread
AntiShock Cushioning
3 Sizes Available
Machine Washable

Additional information


3-4.5 UK, 5-6.5 UK, 7-8.5 UK


Charcoal / Purple, Damson, Teal

Main Colour

Grey, Purple, Turquoise



Material Type




Sock Length

Low Cut

Sock Style

Athletic Socks

Sock Thickness


Sock Size

3-4.5 UK, 5-6.5 UK, 7-8.5 UK

SKU 710200-195-S
SKU 710200-195-M
SKU 710200-195-L
SKU 710200-259-S
SKU 710200-259-M
SKU 710200-259-L
SKU 710200-260-S
SKU 710200-260-M
SKU 710200-260-L



Bridgedale: Trust in quality & performance. This exceptional sock range combines comfort, durability, and advanced technology, providing the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. Gear up with Bridgedale.


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