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Why your socks keep falling down and how can you keep them up?

One of the greatest peeves when it comes to our socks is when they fall down and bunch up against your shoes. You spend all day pulling your dress socks up, hindering your work day and tarnishing your smooth style. Luckily, there are easy fixes to this problem, as soon as you know you’ll improve your sock game massively. We’ve listed 4 reasons why your socks keep falling down and how you can fix these problems.

1. Low Quality Socks

You could be cutting corners when you come to buying socks. You might consider them to be a minor accessory to your attire so you may be settling for cheap socks.

Well… let me tell you, you usually get what you pay for.

Cheap socks don’t use enough bands of elastic in the welt of the sock, so after a couple of wears / washes they start to sag. Decent socks have strong elastic at the top of the sock with multiple bands. Not too tight and not too loose. So when you consider buying 12 pairs of socks for £2 on your local high street then think again. Your well-earned cash probably goes much further spending money on reliable and durable socks.

2. Mid-Calf Socks

Buy the right socks that are going to suit what activity you will be doing. If you are using dress socks, then go for full calf socks. Wearing mid-calf socks will encourage the top of your socks to say hello to your shoes. This is because the top of mid-calf socks will meet the part of your calf that sticks out the most. This way, the socks do not have anything to grip on to and will slip down naturally due to gravity. Full-calf socks are different because they have the middle of the calf to hang on to, so they will not fall down.

3. Correct Size

As well as having the correct size in the leg length of your socks you should make sure that the foot size is also right. If the sock size is too small then the heel on the sock will try to compensate and will slide down your foot. This in turn will drag the rest of the sock down your leg. You’ll just get the same problem, whether you have full calf socks or not. So, always double check that you are picking socks that match your shoe size. Check on our size guide right here.

4. Sock Garters

If you are really determined to stop your socks from falling down then use sock garters or shirt stays. These will actually hold you socks up with clips. A lot of men in the army use this, as they need to be smart, but they will also need to be physical in their job as well. The sock garters hold their socks up, otherwise the socks would be guaranteed to fall down. We don’t sell sock garters at Sock Snob but check out these sock garters from the woods of shropshire for inspiration.


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