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Why does your washing machine eat your socks?

Do you sometimes think you are going mad when you end up having stray socks at the bottom of your washing basket? You think to yourself “where did I put my other sock”. Some of us just lose socks because we are disorganized or plain forgetful. But, even the most careful of people still lose their socks. On average, Brits lose 1.3 socks a month in their lifetime.

The myth has always been that your washing machine eats them. It does sound ridiculous, but there is genuine cause for concern in regards to your washers appetite for socks. When you look into it, there are many places your socks can disappear to when you put them in the wash.

Mechanically, losing socks in the washing machine is inevitable. First of all, socks can slip through a hole in the gasket, the thick rubber ring at the front of the washing machine that creates the suction when you shut the washer. If there are even small gaps then it is possible for socks to slip down into there. When the washing machine is spinning at high speeds it is even more likely that your socks will end up in the space underneath the main drum of the washing machine.

If you are one of those people who crams your washing machine full of clothes then it is even more likely that you’ll lose your socks in the wash. Again, socks will slip in between the inner and outer drum. But, when the water drains and passes in between this space, it is likely that the socks can actually be swallowed up by the drain itself.

​If you decide to find out if there any hidden socks in your washing machine then just take parts of the washing machine out. Start with the bottom compartment. Check out this article here to see how many socks you could find in this part of your washing machine. At least there is hope, as you can retrieve your socks back.

Washing machines do eat your socks, there is even photographic evidence of this. However, we probably greatly exaggerate ‘the phenomena’ as we always assume that it is not our fault when our socks go missing. We then also think that our socks will get spotted by a housemate or family member, so that they can reunite our socks back together. This usually never happens, meaning that if we do lose one sock, whether it is to the washing machine or general untidiness, we just can’t be bothered to find it most of the time. At least you know now, that when you do want to find lost socks that looking in the depths of your washing machine is a good shout.