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What Makes a Good Pair of Work Socks for Your Work Boots?

Are you tired of buying work socks that just aren’t up to the job? Avoid walking into your local sports shop on a budget and splash out on the right pair of work socks. If you are looking for guidance on what qualities to look for in your next set of work socks then you have come to the right place. Read up on the 7 steps we have outlined below on what makes a good pair of work socks.


1.  Reinforced Heel & Toe 

Protection and sustainability in your work socks are paramount if you want the ultimate set of footwear for work. Why do you think you wear steel cap toe boots? For protection, it is the same for your socks. Comfort is also a contributing factor, if the heel and toe are durable it means no holes and happy feet. Also, look out for work socks that have a hand linked toe for an added bonus and comfort. No matter for what occasion, a reinforced heel and toe will always be included in what makes a good pair of work socks.


2. Judge the Length 

Choosing the length of your work socks will depend on your job and also the time of year. Wear shorts in your job? Perhaps you should wear work socks with a shorter length to give you more flexibility and breath ability. You could even wear a crew length with shorts to protect the bottom of your leg. If you want even more protection from the elements, then try a knee-high length. There is no set length to what your work socks should be, the length depends on your personal preference and the temperature.


3. Nice n Thick

How thick your socks are is important for when you are wearing dress shoes let alone steel toe boots. The general consensus is that you should wear thick socks when you wear boots. The thickness gives your leg cushioning from the dense boots you’re wearing, thin socks would leave you vulnerable. Thick socks on the sole also gives you cushioning from the terrain that you are working on. And when you’re on your feet all day it is crucial to be comfortable. Wear thin socks if it is boiling hot, but make sure your shoes match your socks. Otherwise, find work socks that are thick.

4. Material

Your work socks are only as good as the fibres that make them up. But different materials make up socks that have different purposes. The materials all affect the performance, price and seasonal suitability of your work socks. The 4 main materials to consider are listed below.

–    Cotton – The best fibre if you are looking for a one size fits all work sock material. Cotton helps regulate the temperature, it’ll cool your feet down in the summer and it’ll warm your feet up during the winter. Most sport socks are made from cotton and with good reason, they need to be durable as well as suitable for physical activity. If you don’t want to invest heavily but want decent work socks then buy some cotton work socks.

–    Bamboo – Another natural fibre, slightly less durability but great for regulating the temperature in your feet. Bamboo is a natural fibre that wicks moisture away from the foot. Bamboo is also luxuriously soft, so if you are willing to sacrifice durability for comfort then bamboo (whether it is organic or derived from viscose) is the material for you. For the warm summer months, bamboo work socks are the best.

–    Wool – A great fibre for when temperatures drop, wool is a fantastic insulator that holds warm air close to the skin. Wool also wicks moisture away from the foot as well reducing sweat, reducing the chance of blisters, clearly trumping acrylic. So fantastic if you are active during the winter.

–    Polyester – A durable fibre but that’s it. Usually standard polyester is the cheapest fibre on the market, a favourite for discount shops looking to provide cheap work socks to their customers. Polyester will also make your feet sweat buckets. If you are adamant on choosing polyester, pick performance polyester.


5. Durability

A work sock that is long lasting is surely every work persons dream. The amount of times holes has developed into other peoples work socks are countless. Again, if you buy cheap work socks, they’ll have cheap fibres in them, and then they’ll simply fall apart. Work socks that have high strength filament polymers such as polypropylene is the ideal solution for a long lasting work sock. We’d recommend Blueguard work socks, proven to be the most durable sock ever created, achieving an outstanding 925,000 abrasion cycles during a recent abrasion test. There are 4 sizes to choose from and also 2 colours in blue and black work socks as well.

6. Welt & Leg

You don’t want your socks falling down during the working day, so make sure the work socks you wear don’t have cheap elastic in them. Don’t buy 6 pairs of work socks for £1 in a store, these socks will just fall down. Find work socks that have a strengthened rib so that the welt and the leg keeps the sock in place.

7. Pattern

This isn’t at the top of anybody’s priority list when it comes to work socks, its not a fashion show after all. Most work socks have the same kind of designs, the main body being black, navy and grey in a 3 pair pack. But, there are other unusual versions such as a Hi-Vis work socks, ideal if you work outdoors at night, especially in the summer, when you ideally don’t want to be wearing a hi-visibility coat in the height of summer.

To summarise, work socks aren’t a one size fits all product. You need to weigh up what you need in terms of the temperature, size and to match the other work clothes that you are wearing. There are some qualities that we would always recommend, including having a strengthened heel and toe, a secure welt, thick socks and of course durability. 

But in the summer breathability in your socks makes all the difference so think about getting shorter work socks possibly made out of bamboo. In the winter, protect yourself from the elements and wear some knee-high socks made out of an insulating yarn such as wool. Just always remember to avoid relying on the quantity of work socks you buy from budget stores and learn to invest in quality work socks that will last the distance. 

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