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What Kind of Socks to Wear With Sports Shoes

If you Google “what socks to wear with sports shoes,” it will fetch you results for every kind of socks and shoes under the sun. However, the decision to choose a sock for your sport shoes shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Wearing the wrong type of sock can be bad for your foot health and can cause blisters, corns, chafing, and even fungal infections. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to consider when choosing what socks to wear with sports shoes.


Although socks are available in all kinds of materials, only a few of them work well for sports socks.


Avoid Cotton

When choosing what socks to wear with sports shoes, try to avoid 100% cotton socks. If they get wet, they do not dry quickly and keep your feet cold and clammy, which increases the risk of blisters and fungal infections.

Synthetic Material

The best socks for sports shoes are made of synthetic material like acrylic, polyester, and CoolMax because they have moisture-wicking, anti-chafing, and breathable properties.


Wool is actually a good option when it comes to sports socks. This material offers wonderful cushioning that prevents blisters, is durable, and soaks up sweat from your feet without making them clammy. Modern blends like SmartWool are made with itchless wool that can prevent skin irritation on sensitive feet.


If you wear shapeless tube socks while you are participating in sports, they can bunch up and irritate your feet.

Sports socks are designed to be moulded to the contours of your feet so that they don’t chafe and cause blisters. The best type of sport socks have an elastic arch lock that keeps your sock from shifting out of place. You can also get socks with seam-free toes to further reduce the risk of blisters.

You can also find socks that are made to match the differing feet shape of men and women. 


Socks which have padded soles also work well with sports shoes as they provide your heels extra cushioning. Although thicker socks give you more comfort, many athletes prefer thin socks because of their light weight. Depending on your preference, you can choose either type of sock.


Compression socks have a very snug fit and have become quite popular with runners. These socks are often made of medical-grade material and are designed to improve the flow of blood towards the heart.

These socks can be used during and after workout but you can also wear them regularly with your sports shoes.


Sports socks come in a wide variety of style, from invisible socks to knee high. 


Mid-Calf Socks

The best style of socks that you can wear with your sports shoes is one that comes halfway up your calf. They are comfortable, stylish, and tick all the boxes for sports shoes. In fact, they are a staple when it comes to sports socks and everyone should have at least one of this kind in their sock drawer.

Ankle Socks

If invisible socks are more your thing, thick and breathable ankle socks are a good choice as they hide under your sneakers and are quite comfortable.


Bottom Line

As you can see, not all types of socks are good options to be worn with sport shoes. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be spoilt for choices. Whichever sock you decide on, make sure you consider your options carefully, don’t think that a sports socks is a one size fits all option, make sure the socks that you do end up purchasing are the perfect ones for you.

We have a wide range of socks to wear with sports shoes at Sock Snob and we would be happy in assisting you picking the best pair of sporty outdoorsy socks for you.