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What colour socks should you wear with jeans?

Jeans have become a prominent feature of western fashion, worn in any setting whether it is casual or formal even though they were invented in the 1870’s. It can be very difficult to go wrong with jeans, but you can easily pick the wrong shirt, accessories and especially socks. So, to make sure you get your sock game right, here is a small guide to help you choose which socks you should wear with your jeans.

1. Match your socks with your shoes

As a general rule, match your socks with shoes, not your jeans. This will allow your socks to fade smoothly into the background and your shoes to take center stage in your outfit. So wear light brown socks with tan shoes, black socks with dinner shoes and grey socks with grey trainers.

2. Don’t go near White Socks

Just don’t do it. Don’t ever wear white socks with any trousers let alone jeans. It is just sloppy and it seems to be everyone’s go to choice. If you take away one thing from this article it is that white sport socks are meant for the spirts field or the gym, not your snazzy suit.

3. Try some Flashy Socks

A competition of modern times is to see who can wear the funkiest socks around, that’s why happy socks have grown rapidly in popularity. Wearing funky patterned socks is a great way to show your fun daring side and certainly can spice up an outfit that includes jeans. Try out styles such as polka dots, bright plains, stripes or even zig zags. We’ve got some super cool bamboo socks for you to pick from on website. We’ve also got some other funky ladies socks here for you to choose from.

4. Black Socks to be Safe

If you want to be conservative with your socks style then just play it safe, wear black socks. Plain black socks are suitable for any occasion in a formal or casual setting are an acceptable colour to use with jeans. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing jazzy socks or matching white socks with your white trainers the black socks are the option for you.

5. Think about your Weight

Consider how heavy the socks feel on your foot, as the weight of your socks should match the type of shoes that you are wearing. Jeans can suit brown dress shoes, trainers and even boots. Boots should be worn with heavier socks to give cushioning whilst thin dress socks are more suitable for a formal shoe.

6. Knee High over Ankle Length

In the good old days it was improper for a gentleman to show the part of his leg that is just above his sock. In no circumstance should you show your ankles if you wear trousers, whether you are wearing jeans, chinos or other smart trousers. Knee high socks may be too high for wearing with jeans, but they are a much better alternative to ankle high. Mid-calf to full-calf should be the optimum length you should be looking for. But, keep in mind that it depends on what shoes you are wearing as well.

7. No-Show for Sockless Look

This depends on what type of shoes you are wearing. Shoes like boat shoes, vans and even smart shoes in the summer are suitable shoes to wear with no show socks. Right now, it is fashionable, as well as being ideal if the weather is very warm. Choose whatever colour you like, people aren’t supposed to see them, so as long as you are wearing them correctly, the you can wear the wackiest design you can find.

8. Match it with the rest of your attire

It is important to match you socks to the occasion, whether you are wearing jeans or not. If it is a formal occasion when you are wearing smart shoes then thin dress socks are more than suitable. But wearing jeans on a casual stroll outdoors will require boots, so hiking coolmax socks are suitable in the summer and thick chunky thermal socks are suitable for the winter. It is not a one size fits all scenario.

To Wrap it Up

It is not just the colour of your socks you wear with jeans that counts, it is also the type, weight, fashion, pattern and also what other items you are wearing. We have socks that you can wear with all kinds of shoes and all kinds of jeans. Check out our dress socks, boot socks and no show socks on our website.