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What Are The Best Way To Orgainise Your Sock Drawer ?

Do you often find yourself emptying your whole sock drawer because you can’t find your favourite pair of socks? One thing that covid-19 taught us is that many of us not keeping ourselves organised due to a shortage of time was only an excuse. However, as we have started going out again, we realise that being organised is better, and we should take time to take care of our disturbing habits.

It turns out your favourite pair of socks were there the whole time, but only separated because you did not organise your sock drawer. So here, we are sharing the three most effortless and efficient steps that show how to organise your sock drawer.

First Things First, Only Keep What You Wear

Disorganised sock drawers have one thing in common; they have dozens of socks that we don’t even wear. We keep buying new stuff, and the old socks keep sliding further and further back. Some socks are damaged and have holes in them, but we have stopped noticing that they even exist. We even don’t throw out single socks (those without a partner), but we keep them in the hope that we might find the other one rolled up in a corner someday; that day never comes.

These steps are the first stage towards a beautiful and satisfying sock drawer:

The KonMari Method of Folding Socks Creatively

This is the exciting part. You know, putting your socks loosely in the sock drawer is the reason you are here. Do you know about the KonMari method of folding your socks? It is a real space-saver.

Let us walk you through it step by step:

  • Lay your socks on top of one another
  • Fold your pair into thirds, fourths, or fifths, according to your preference of the length
  • Finally, place them in the sock drawer, standing up

The square method is another fun method to save an ample amount of space. You can try this method by laying your socks on top of one another in a cross shape, folding the toe ends and then tucking them inside the face of the sock. It can be a little complicated, but you will get the hang of it.

Categorise Your Socks

Finally, categorising your socks is the last but the most satisfying part of organising your sock drawer.


Each of us has a different collection of socks – featuring formal cross-design socks to funky and colourful socks. You can categorise your socks by colour, length, or occasion. Plan how you pair your socks with your most worn outfits to make the sock hunt easier.


You can decide this by figuring out what kind of outfit you usually carry. If decent and formal colours are your style, keep the plain, dull shade socks first in the row. In contrast, if you are a funky person who likes to wear bright colours, keeping your colourful socks at the top will be convenient.

Stay Organised

There are several ways that can help you figure out how to organise your sock drawer. All you have to do is stop throwing them in loosely. If you follow these steps to organise your sock drawer, you find yourself smiling just by looking at it.