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How To Wash Socks: Washing Machine VS By Hand

Washing your socks the right way

Whether you’re washing socks in a machine or by hand, you want to ensure they don’t get stretched out. In this blog, we explain how to clean socks via hands and machine.

Handwash; Soak

Soaking your socks in warm water with mild detergent does the trick. Make sure to wash your socks for no more than 3-5 minutes, 10 minutes at the maximum.


Never wash your socks aggressively, but move them around in the soapy and mild water so they come out clean. Some socks might need to be rubbed against each other, as this helps remove dirt.

If you’re dealing with excessively dirty socks, use a clothes brush to remove dirt; however, if you see stubborn stains, leave them overnight and soak them in the soak remover.


Make sure to rinse the socks with cold water. You may need to rinse more than two or three times to get all the soap out.


It’s best to air-dry the socks by squeezing them gently and removing any water and soap remains. You can place on them a clean, dry towel so they soak up the water. Then, hang them to dry.

If you fear that they might stretch, lay them out on a flat surface.

Thicker socks are tougher to dry if you hand rinse them; hence, it is essential to put them in the drier for a quick spin.

Machine Wash; Hosiery Bag

The best method to keep your socks from getting caught in zippers and buttons and prevent them from stretching out is by buying a mesh fabric. You can buy one at a local essential toiletry store, or why not try to make one at home by watching a YouTube tutorial!

Inside out Socks

Simply turn your socks inside out to prevent them from losing their colour and charm.

Change your machine setting.

Opt for a gentle rinse and cycle on your washing machine, especially for the daily worn socks than the filthy ones.

Try not to overcrowd the machine

If you are washing your socks without a hosiery bag accompanied by a lot of clothes load, your socks will get tangled and end up getting stretched out. The over-stretching of the rib top in stockings makes them unattractive and useless as they do not serve their purpose.

Using a dryer with caution

Using a dryer can be great for socks but not for delicate ones, especially those labelled with ‘not to be dried in the machine.’

Olefin and cotton socks dry quicker on medium temperature as they are heat sensitive, but wool socks cannot be washed or dried as they can shrink.

How To Wash Socks: Do’s and Don’ts.


Make sure to wash socks in a gentle setting with cold water.

Use a mild detergent.

Flip the socks inside out.

Separate socks according to colour.


Put your socks with other delicate materials in the dryer.

Put socks in the dryer, setting it on high heat.

Scrubbing, twisting, spinning, and wiring out socks.

Dry cleaning socks.

Your socks deserve the best laundry possible. That is why it is crucial to saving them from all the snags and stretching as much as possible. Even if you take extreme care of your socks, all things sadly have to come to an end, but that does not mean you don’t give them the best life.