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The Hiking Sock Brand that has taken the UK by Storm

This hiking sock brand has not had to have been around the bloc to take the UK by storm. Storm Bloc has been very popular with our customers ever since we offered the range to our customers on amazon and our own website. Hikers have many needs when it comes to walking on different terrain, altitudes and in different conditions. Storm Bloc aims to meet the requirements of hikers alike whilst making socks that are great value and easily affordable. See below all the different types of socks Storm Bloc has to offer for all seasons.

Crew Length

Mid-calf to full-calf high hiking socks are an ideal length for all seasons. The material the sock is made out of is what determines whether it is winter or summer. Storm Bloc have socks made out of cotton, wool and polyester to suit various seasons which you can view on our website. The wool provides decent insulation and can be very suitable for work socks in the winter. Storm Bloc also offer a range that is amalgamated with blueguard anti abrasion technology, a knitting technology that allows socks to be ultra-durable. The crew length socks in Storm Bloc is the largest length range out all of the Storm Bloc styles. There are more than 40 colours and styles to choose from in this and the prices can range from £5.99 to £19.99 on our online sock shop.

Trainer Length

The Storm Block trainer length hiking and sport length trainer sock are ideal if you are looking for a sock that will expose you to the elements. Usually made with cotton or polyester, these shorter length trainer socks are designed to be breathable. They are ideal for the summer months and are great for outdoor hiking and various sports, including running, cross country and other casual sports. They are available in both patterned and plain styles in both men’s and ladies’ sizes and prices range between £5.99 to £9.99 on our amazon prime store and our own website.

Ankle Length

The ankle length Storm Bloc styles sit slightly higher than the trainer length. This is intended to give you slightly more protection than a trainer height styled sock would. There is more protection around your heel and ankle. There is also more sock knitted to grip onto the bottom of your leg, so it is less likely that the sock will fall down. It gives the sock a more secure fit. Storm Bloc have developed 4 different ankle styles that we stock that you can find either on our amazon store or the Sock Snob UK website. The prices range from £5.99 to £9.99.

Knee High Length

For those who need long length socks for outdoor activities. Don’t look further than Storm Bloc. A longer length sock is particularly helpful during the winter when it is important to cover up, allowing more warm air to be trapped close to your skin. Especially if they are made out of wool, a style that Storm Bloc has to offer in both men’s and ladies colours. There are also knee-high socks made from cotton, the socks in question being suitable for horse riding. They are specially designed equestrian socks. Ski socks are also available to buy in a knee-high length for anyone who likes to hit the slopes. There are 15 different coloured styles in Storm Bloc knee high socks, suitable for hiking, skiing and equestrian activities. Again, these are all available to buy on our website. Just search Storm Bloc in our search bar.