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Socks Before or After Trousers? What Do You Do First?

What comes first? Socks or trousers?

Socks before or after trousers? As long as one can remember, most of us get dressed every morning by putting on our clothes before socks. However, this dressing routine isn’t for everyone! Many people follow a routine that differs from the norm of getting ready.

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense!

Did you know there are many people who put on their socks before their trousers? Surprising, isn’t it? If you think this just doesn’t make any sense, you’re not alone!

Gender-Based Dressing

We wanted to understand this matter further to determine the reason behind it. Well, it turns out that gender-based dressing is one of the reasons people wear their pants before socks.

This is particularly true for female models. Many famous fashion designers and stylists tell their models to put on all of their clothes before socks.

For women, this is the quickest and smartest way to get ready and saves a lot of time. Your jeans or trousers can also roll over the socks. This method makes complete sense to us, but why are men programmed to put on socks before trousers? This truly boggles our mind.

Factoring In Weather and Laziness

The type of weather is also another factor that explains why some people follow a similar routine of putting on their trousers before their socks.

During summer, if you put on your socks first, you will end up sweating a lot, resulting in smelly feet. So, there’s no point in dressing up if you end up smelling bad. On the other hand, let’s say you live somewhere where it is cold, it would make sense to actually wear your socks first on a winter morning. However, this doesn’t have to be every day, no matter how cold or hot it is.

Other than the weather, we found out that laziness could be a reason why people dress in a specific way. In fact, very few people give serious thought to the way they wear their clothes or socks and choose the method that’s convenient for them. It is possible that people cannot think of any other way to get ready as it is the human psyche to stick with what we are used to or what makes us comfortable.

The Bottom Line

On a closing note, we would like to say that there’s no official right or wrong way of dressing up. Whether you put on your socks before or after trousers, it really doesn’t matter as long you wear good quality socks that can last long. When buying a pair of socks, make sure they fit property and feel comfortable to wear. Why not check out some of our latest sock collection here at Sock Snob where you will find the comfiest, top quality socks!