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How you can recycle your old socks and pants

There comes a time when old clothes just have to go. Whether they are just not your taste anymore, they’re too small or if they’ve been badly damaged. That’s why we need to look at how you can recycle old socks.

Years ago we wouldn’t have worried so much about how we would dispose of our old clothes. But now, with climate change and global warming being a hot topic, it is clear that we need to be more considerate of the planet. Making sure that we are not wasteful is important. Here at Sock Snob we have made an effort to make our packaging recyclable and our socks more sustainable. We have now looked into how we think our customers can do their bit with their old socks. Below is listed how you can recycle your old socks and pants.

1. Clothing Banks

If your socks or underwear are not in the best condition, for instance they  have holes in them, then finding an organisation that is willing to recycle them would be the best way forward. Find a charitable organisation like Oxfam, even know your socks might just be rags at this point they’ll still be able to recycle them. You can also go to clothing banks, usually situated outside supermarkets to dispose of your clothes. From here, they are sorted and recycled. You can even go to your local recycling and household waste site (tip). Usually they are very organised with how waste is disposed and will recycle what they can.

2. Donate

Socks that are in good condition can be donated if people don’t mind rewearing second hand socks. Just make sure you wash them before you offer them out to anyone! Again, you can take a trip down to Oxfam and see if they would be willing to give them away. Also, consider passing them on to your friends and family if they are happy to take them.

3. Sell Online

Like with any other second hand items, you can even consider selling your items online. Sites like eBay, Gumtree and Shpock allow you to post items online through an auction style listing, Just take a picture of the socks that you are selling, write a description about them and you can start to sell your old clothes, including your socks. Just make sure you tell your buyer that they have been worn previously. For good seller practices we would definitely recommend washing them.

4. Be Creative

There are many ways that you can get creative with your old socks. Check out our article where we list 20 things you can do with your old socks. From creating sock puppets, dusters, dog toys and ponytail bands you’ll be sure to find a useful way of reusing your old socks.

​Hopefully we have shed light on how you can recycle your socks on underwear. We would recommend picking the option that best suits you. If you busy and on the go just donating them would be great. If you are creative then try to make your old socks useful around the house.

If you have a lot of socks to get rid of then you might need help replenishing your sock drawer. Check out our home page for quality products that are sustainable and durable. Sign up an account with us today and receive complimentary reward points on us. Every little can help for the next time when you are looking for new socks after you recycle your old ones!