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How To Prevent Socks From Getting Holes In Them.

How often do you get annoyed when you wear a recently-bought pair of socks but can feel the floor beneath you? Do you often wonder why your socks keep getting holes in them? To be honest, you are not alone in this dilemma. Even then, thousands of other people sharing the common problem doesn’t make the problem less irritable.

Your toe going through the hole once in a while doesn’t seem like a big problem. All you have to do is replace the pair, right? What’s worse is when you wear another pair of socks… and those have holes, too!


So what causes the socks to get holes, and how can you avoid them? Here’s how to prevent socks from getting holes in them.

What Causes Holes in Socks?

If you have holes in your socks, some common reasons are:


  • You have long/sharp toenails
  • You wear your socks even if you aren’t wearing shoes
  • Unbalanced steps
  • Improper washing

Simple Ways to Prevent Holes in Socks

You can save your socks with these simple ways to prevent your socks from getting holes.


Avoid Cheaper Socks to Avoid Cheaper Material

The cheaper socks you find in bundles in the stores may seem like a decent and economical option for everyday wear. However, if your job keeps you on your feet for long hours or there’s a lot of walking and running involved, those cheap socks aren’t made from strong enough material to support your weight and movement.


You can avoid falling into the same holes (pun intended) by opting for better quality work socks made from high endurance fabric, which you can get for slightly higher but reasonable prices.

Always Wear Shoes

Wearing socks at home on any given day is trendy and as comfortable as it can get. While the temptation is hard to resist, wearing socks without shoes causes the fabric to weaken due to friction. The weakest spots turn into holes over time, wasting away your favourite pair of socks.


While roaming barefoot isn’t healthy either, you should invest in a pair of comfy wool slippers that can provide the same level of comfort while keeping your feet healthy and socks from getting holes.

Final Thoughts

Holes in socks are a kind of damage that can’t be undone. So make sure you get high-quality socks, keep your toenails trimmed, and always wear shoes to prevent your socks from getting holes.


Bonus Tip

We recommend getting pairs that are bigger than your general size. When your socks have room to spare, they will stretch less when you wear them for extended hours or even without shoes.