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How to Keep Pairs of Socks Together & Stop Losing your Socks.

Losing your socks is one event that not only makes us feel stupid – it also makes us angry. When the laundry machine stops spinning, and you are gathering your clothes, it makes you furious when you find out that your favourite pair of socks is not a pair anymore.

Socks vanishing in the laundry is the biggest mystery in the sock world, and it happens to people all around the world. So do not feel alone. However, if you want to avoid losing socks in the wash in future, use these easy tricks to keep pairs of socks together.

Pair Socks with a Clip

You can clip your socks together with a binder clip while washing. After you take them out from the washing machine, keep them clipped while drying. Place them in your drawer and only unclip them when you are wearing them. After you’ve worn them and it is time to throw them in the laundry bag, place the clip on again.

If you do not have instant access to a binder clip, you can also use a safety pin in the same way.

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag

The thing with clipping is that you might lose your clips or pins now and then when you take them off your socks.

Using a mesh laundry bag is an alternative to keeping pairs of socks together. Simply put your socks in a mesh bag as soon as you take them off. That way, you make sure all your dirty socks are in one place before the wash.

When doing your laundry, zip up and toss the mesh bag in first. All your socks will swirl in the machine sticking together. After the wash is done, remove all the pairs of socks and place them away from the rest of your clothes so they don’t get mixed up.

Insert One in the Other

Take one sock out of the pair, roll it, and put it inside the other one. That way, both socks of the pair stay together, and your problem is solved. You can seal the sock’s face in which you put the other one with a clip or a pin to be 100% sure that it doesn’t come out.

No More Lost Socks

Well, there you go. Follow these easy tips and tricks so you can keep pairs of socks together. Now you don’t have to stress when you can’t find the pair of socks that you decided to wear at a party or to a meeting.

Bonus Tip Make a Lost & Found Basket

The tips we have mentioned are quick and doable ways of keeping your socks together. If you still lose the pair of socks, keep the one sock you have in a box or a bag; call it lost and found. So when you find the other pair, you can have them back together.