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How do Diabetic Socks Work and What are the Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks?

Diabetics must look after themselves, from food to insulin intake they have to be careful in everyday life. It is also important to wear the right clothing and socks is not an exception. In fact, if diabetics wear the wrong socks, for instance with a rough toe seam, then it can really damage the end of their toes. All aspects of a socks must be examined and addressed to be able to suit a diabetic person. So below, we will look at how diabetic socks work and the benefits of wearing diabetic socks.

Hand Linked Toe

A rough toe seam can be damaging to the end of a diabetic’s foot. So, it is important to make socks seamless or made on a sock machine that can knit a hand linked toe. This reduces the irritations that a rough toe seam would give. It also increases all-round general comfort. We make sure all of our diabetic socks are made with a smooth toe seam.

Non-Elastic Top

A top without elastic is also an important quality for a pair of diabetic socks. How do diabetic socks work if the tops of your socks are too tight? Having a tight top on socks is great if you are desperate for your socks to stay up. But if the elastic is too tight then there is a danger of restricting blood flow at the bottom of the wearers legs. That is why loose top socks are very important. Allowing blood to flow through the foot without any constriction.


As well as the top being non elastic it also counts on how the top is knitted. If the top is knitted on a double cylinder sock machine then you will get a honeycomb welt. So, why is this more beneficial for a diabetic sock? It is because a honeycomb top fits to the natural contours of your legs much easier than a top that has been knitted on a single cylinder. Make sure you look out for socks with the honeycomb top like listed below.

Soft Material

Skin of somebody who suffers with diabetes can be very sensitive. So, rough materials are a no go when it comes making diabetic socks. There is no such thing as a polyester diabetic sock. The best fibers for diabetic socks are cotton and bamboo, anything that is soft but also durable. That is why all our diabetic socks are made of these two fibers.


As reiterated, it is important to protect your skin if you are diabetic. Sweat can also be irritating to a diabetic so wicking moisture away from the foot is an important quality. One of the best technologies for this is coolmax. It is designed to stop your feet from sweating and makes the sock much more breathable. We also have a range of branded IOMI diabetic socks that have coolmax implemented into them in a crew, ankle and trainer sock version.

Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks

As long as you are wearing decent (such as brands like IOMI & Gentle Grip socks) diabetic socks then you’ll feel the benefits. Circulation problems in your feet will improve as diabetic socks are less constrictive. Circulation problems can contribute to many health risks so decreasing this risk is always beneficial. Reduced risks of damaging your skin by wicking moisture away (with coolmax) and having a hand linked toe protects your toes from a toe seam that would otherwise be pretty rough in a normal sock.



Diabetic socks are designed to have an optimum level of comfort and protection. It doesn’t matter whether you are a diabetic or not, you will find them extremely comfortable. How do diabetic socks work if you are not willing to invest in quality rather than quantity. If you are interested in purchasing diabetic socks for your health or your pleasure then check out the health and wellbeing section on the Sock Snob UK website. Hopefully it has been become clearer how diabetic socks work and the benefits of wearing diabetic socks.