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The Best Types Of Socks If You Find Yourself Self-Isolating

If you are like the rest of our office staff here at Sock Snob you are probably finding that you are having to self isolate to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Whether you are working or recovering, it can be a challenging time for anyone, especially if you are active like lots of our customers.

As you can imagine, outdoor hiking socks & sport socks are not quite in demand during the corona virus outbreak with social distancing being recommended. People are spending most of their time at home, in the sock world that means more cuddly bed socks for indoor use are the best choice of socks at this moment in time. Want to know why they are the best type of socks for self-isolating? Then read on below….

Cuddly Socks 

Great for keeping your feet warm & comfortable. Soft and easy on your soul, especially our Heat Holders soul warming collection, these dual layer socks are honestly so comfortable you will not believe it until you try them.

Why would you want cuddly socks? Who wants cold feet when you are cuddling up on the sofa or ill in bed? No one, save yourself from holding your feet on the radiator and make sure you stock up on cuddly socks.

Slipper Socks 

To aid you on slippery surfaces and keep your feet warm and non restrictive around the home. If you have wooden floors or tiles at home then we’d recommend slipper socks. You probably won’t be wearing shoes indoors, so if you do decide to walk around the house make sure you are doing it in socks that have an ABS grip.

Bed Socks 

Snooze with your socks and without your shoes and don a pair of warm bed socks. Bed socks aid sleep anyhow (it is scientifically proven)

If you are ill they will help you sleep much better. If you are staying in bed all day then why would you not want warm feet. Check out our wool bed socks below for a point in the right direction.

Soft Top Socks 

Comfortable for your legs, these socks are suitable if you are trying to encourage blood circulation within your legs. If you are sitting down all day then these socks will facilitate your circulation. No constriction rings will appear just above your ankles. Non elastic or diabetic socks are the best product for this solution.

Post Operation Stockings

Compression Stockings can be used to treat a number of conditions associated with the legs; from varicose veins, mild oedema to slight swelling. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths and colours. They’re also available with different strengths of compression. The stockings below have ABS grips, great if you are still walking around the house.

Yoga Socks

Struggling to exercise indoors whilst self-isolating? If you don’t have a treadmill or weights then this can be problematic, so why not try yoga & Pilates instead? Find those internet videos or online instructors and get to it. If you are considering yoga or pilates then definitely check out our yoga socks range below.

Kids Thermal Socks

Now that school is out and pupils / students and kids at nursery are now at home, investing in some warm socks for kids would also be wise. Check out our fun kids Heat Holders slipper socks below.

These sock types above all have one thing in common, their intention is to increase comfort, in turn hopefully making self-isolation more bearable than it already is. 

We think these are the best type of socks if you find yourself self isolating, if you think there are some that we have missed then we would be happy if you leave your comments below.

Keep your feet cuddly & warm and safe and secure, shop on our website for all types of socks and don’t be afraid to treat yourself.