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20 Interesting Random Facts About Unicorns

Are unicorns real? Do they exist in reality, or are they just mythical creatures? While you figure that out, here are some of the fascinating and fun facts about unicorns that you ought to know.

1 – The horns of unicorns were once used in pharmacies back during the 1700s in numerous medicinal recipes because it was believed to cure poisoning. The horns were first turned into a fine powder and then used in poison antidotes.

2 – A unicorn family has an elder unicorn that is basically the head of the family and is almost a hundred years old.

3 – The magical sparkling of a unicorn is officially known as an alicorn. However, a horse with one horn and a pair of wings is referred to as an alicorn.

4 – Unicorn horns are believed to hold special healing powers. A single touch of the horns can give life to some battling a dangerous disease or illness and can also heal a wound, no matter how bad it is. These powers can only cure illnesses – they can’t bring someone back to life.

5 –  Baby unicorns are some of the purest and most beautiful creatures, which is why they are often referred to as “sparkles.” This name also has to do with their breathtaking and sparkling appearance.

6 – Young unicorns love playing games with their friends exactly the same way that babies or toddlers do. Since they practically grow up around so many other unicorns, they have a large group of friends that love playing all sorts of games. Be it hide and seek, apple-bobbing, or tag, they are likely to have played all of them.

7 – As silly or unbelievable as it may sound, unicorns actually do poop rainbows! They often fill their tummies with all sorts and varieties of goodies, and because unicorns have magical qualities about them, so does their poop! So, if you ever happen to spot rainbow-coloured somewhere, there must be unicorns playing around in the area.

8 – Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn, and that has been the case for quite a while. Take a trip back to the mid-1400s, somewhere around 1460 and 1488, the king of Scotland called King James III issued coins that mainly depicted these beautiful creatures. Eventually, National Unicorn Day started being celebrated on April 9 in Scotland.

9 – According to old mythological beliefs, whoever touches a unicorn, particularly a pure white unicorn, will have their life filled with happiness, love, and bliss. It is believed that their horns can bring a great amount of good luck; however, one should only touch their horns if the unicorn bows its head to you, or else your life will be full of ill-fortune and bad luck.


10 – Once upon a time, unicorns weren’t able to fly in the air, however, but this began to change sometime during the 1970s, particularly after artists started drawing unicorns with wings. Interestingly, it is now believed that even the ones without any wings can take it in the air with the help of a little power from their magical wings.

11 – When a unicorn is born, you can’t really see their horns because they are actually covered with very fine, thin, and soft hair. But as they start growing and are a few days old, their foreheads display a little sparkle with the help of which you will be able to see their horns.

12 – Back in 2017, Starbucks was really mesmerized by unicorns, so what it did was that it introduced quite a unique and special kind of beverage called “Unicorn Frappuccino’. This drink helped capture the very magical essence and aura of a unicorn with the help of blue swirls complementing the bright pink shades. There was a white topping that was covered with blue and pink sprinkles to complete the look. The goal of the drink was to change its colors when you mix it away.

13 – The term ‘unicorn’ has popularly been used in the world of business for tech startups that have an overall worth of more than a billion dollars. The purpose behind using this name is to give a sense of uniqueness and rarity in terms of how big, special, and magical a particular startup or business actually is.


14 – It is a typically held belief that unicorns only appear in white, golden, and silver colors; however, you can actually see them in a wide array of colors! Some other common unicorn colors include black, green, a mix of warm colors, and even red according to a few legends!

15 – During the middle ages, unicorns gained massive popularity, and a unicorn began to be known as a symbol of grace and utmost purity.

16 – If you’ve read a fair share of history, you must have read things about Genghis Khan, the emperor of the Mughal Empire. Interestingly, historical stories suggest that he decided not to conquer India because he came across a unicorn during the fight. The unicorn also bowed to him, which Genghis Khan thought was a sign from his father. So, after that, he made his army turn back and left with them.

17 – Unicorns largely prefer their own company and spend a lot of time with each other. They are highly sociable creatures that live in groups and herds to promote feelings of camaraderie as well as protection.

18 – You are likely to find unicorns in deep forests because it is their comfort zone where they can hide easily without any problem. It is also because they can seek refuge among the trees in case they are approached by someone or something they don’t want to see or meet.

19 – Once upon a time, there was a tradition in France where people were made to carry a cup that was created from a unicorn horn. The purpose behind doing this was to test if the food or drink was poisoned in any way or not.

20 – According to Jewish myths about unicorns, this creature has so much power and strength that it can actually bring down a full-sized elephant!

That’s about it for fun and interesting facts about unicorns. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did writing them for you! If you love unicorns as much as we do then we hope you’ll love our range of unicorn accessories. Just type Unicorns into the search bar.