Pierre Cardin Dress Socks in 3 Pack


Pierre Cardin Dress Socks | MENS PLAIN SOCKS PACK OF 3

Italy born and raised in France, Pierre Cardin was famously known for his unique fashion design and use of a variety of products. In his early life, Cardin worked as Christian Dior's tailor before he founded his own company in designing masks and costumes for the theatre. Cardin grew famous for putting on the space suit worn by Buzz Aldrin. In the late 1970s, his fashion work was taken above and beyond when he signed a contract for Atlantic Aviation for his designs of the Westwind 1124. Cardin made history in Russia when he held his fashion show in the Red Square, Moscow, in front of 200,000 people. In 2006, he opened his first museum France, called Past, Present, Futur. In his final year of living, Cardin was added to the Palm Springs Walks of Stars in California, 2020.

This 3 pack mens socks have been beautifully crafted and designed by Pierre Cardin. The subtle logo of his brand is woven across the top of the socks, making them look and feel luxurious.

These mens plain socks are perfect for every day. It has high durability, mildew resistance, comfort and insulation.

With its cushioned reinforced heel and toe design, these socks are ideal to wear during outdoor activities such as, camping, biking, treks and trails. These socks have a polycotton combination which adds an extra layer of support and warmth for your feet.

They are available in sizes 7-11 UK, in a pack of 3. These socks are machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- Pierre Cardin Dress Socks
- Mens Everday Socks
- Plain Black Socks
- Pack Of 3
- Machine Washable
- Sizes 7-11 UK

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7-11 UK


Black, Grey Mix, Navy

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